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Artichoke with Lemon Pepper Dip

When I want to make a simple but impressive healthy appetizer, I turn to steamed artichoke. They’re great for cocktail party appetizers or finger food fun for adventurous kids.  I get so excited when I see fresh artichokes in the grocery store! I’ve been known to make this dish even when I don’t have anyone to share it with.

Artichokes are high in potassium and Vitamin A. Potassium aids in keeping blood pressure low, anxiety and stress at bay, and helps stabilize your body’s water balance. Vitamin A helps ensure eye health, promotes a strong immune system, and helps keep your skin healthy.

This appetizer takes almost no time to whip up. I steam the artichokes in the microwave but you can easily steam them on the stove. I make a creamy dipping sauce with non-fat Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and lots of lemon pepper.

After the artichokes are done steaming, let them sit for about 5 minutes before you start peeling. Peel each leaf away starting from the outside working your way in towards the heart. Dip the leaves in the lemon pepper yogurt and scrape the delicious fresh artichoke off with your teeth. Discard the tough portion of the leaf and move on to the next one!

Artichoke with Lemon Dill Dip

Makes 6 Servings


2 fresh artichoke heads

2 cups non-fat Greek yogurt

½ cup apple cider vinegar

2 Tbl lemon pepper


Cut the step off the artichoke.

Cut the top of the artichokes off so that it looks flat on top.

Fill a microwave-safe dish with about ½ inch of water, place artichokes in the dish and microwave on high for approximately 20 minutes.

In a medium size bowl, mix the yogurt, vinegar, and lemon pepper.

When the artichokes are finished, let them cool down. They can retain a lot of heat. Start dipping and enjoy!

Time: 25 minutes