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Paleo Ceviche Verde

I have some pretty exciting news! Heard of Paleo Magazine? I know, silly question. Of course you have.

Well, I’m very happy to announce that my first exclusive Paleo Magazine recipe went live on their website today!

I developed the most delicious paleo-friendly Ceviche Verde for the folks at Paleo Magazine, all of you, and the couple lucky peeps who happened to be near my kitchen when I was testing and perfecting my new favorite spring/summertime fish dish.

This dish was oh-so simple, blow your mind delicious, and as paleo/clean/healthy as it gets.


Check out Paleo Magazine for a complete description and to get the full recipe.

Stay tuned for the perfect Plantain Chip recipe you can enjoy with the Ceviche Verde.




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  1. JG #

    CONGRATS! More please?

    April 24, 2013

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